Saturday, 13 June 2009

Arch2Arch Podcasts

The Oracle Technology Network Arch2Arch Podcast brings together architects and other experts from across the Oracle community and beyond to discuss the issues, tools, and technologies that are a daily part of the software architect's ever-changing world. I've always enjoyed these podcasts and find them an extremely useful and convenient source of information.

Their latest podcast, is part one of a two part interview by Bob Rhubart (the host of Arch2Arch) with Antony Reynolds and myself about our book the Oracle SOA Suite Developer's Guide. The interview is truly international with Bob carrying out the interview based in California, Antony in the UK and myself from a hotel room in Sydney, Australia (about 8am in the morning).

It's quite strange hearing yourself speak, but what struck me is how English Antony sounded! Have a listen and see what you think (and whether I’ve picked up an Aussie twang) and whilst you’re their check out some of the other excellent podcasts as well.

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